A little bit about me

I’m an adventurous elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. My very best friend, Landry, happens to be my hubby, too. Together we adopted our first {fur} child, Kristofferson. He’s a gray tabby kitty full of life, spunk, and the desire to be outdoors {literally, only outside of our front door}. I'm kind of, definitely obsessed with him. And all cats. And honestly just most creatures. But that's off topic... Our favorite kind of evening is when the three of us pick up dinner to-go and drive to our hilltop sunset spot. If I’m not hanging out with my boys, you can usually find me holed up in a local coffee house reading or working or trying to get my hands to draw, finding a good trail to hike {we have tons of beautiful state parks in TN}, binge watching whatever my latest TV show obsession is {most recent was Arrested Development}, jamming to live music, or going out for pizza and ice cream.

I’ve had a camera in my hands most of my life, it feels like. My mom has always loved capturing moments and she taught me at a young age how to use a camera. She also taught me the value of photographs - they are the only true thing we have left to show for our life, our precious moments caught and frozen forever. My passion really began to bloom in high school. I exclusively shot with my dad’s 35mm film camera that he had from when he was in high school {how cool!}. I’d fill a roll and race as fast as I could to get it developed. I took it on every trip we ventured on. I’d steal pictures of my friends when they weren’t paying attention. I was obsessed. But it wasn’t until years later, after I got engaged, that I started thinking about capturing the love, adoration, and commitment between two people. The thought grew and grew the more we hunted for the perfect photographer for our special day. And then our wedding day arrived and I realized just how big of a deal it all really is. Finding and choosing your person is one of the most important decisions and milestones in your entire life. And I want to be there for it. I want to capture you two as your purest, most honest selves.

My approach is simple; I want to first know you, hear your story, talk about what makes your heart beat fast, listen to your up’s and your down’s, to those tender times that have made you, you. To be honest, I’m awful at small talk, so let’s just skip right past that and let’s genuinely connect with each other. Then, together, we can create something truly beautiful. Absolutely and unapologetically you. Whether that be on a mountaintop in a foreign country, in your dear friend’s backyard, by the sea with the waves crashing at your feet, or tucked into some killer, old industrial building buried in the city, I’m there. And I am so, so stoked about it.

Let's do this.


Featured Photographers: Madi Flournoy , Cody Harris


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