Our Wedding Day


October 2nd, 2017

This day marks one full year of marriage for Landry and me. As I type these words I sit here, coffee in hand, printed photographs spread out before me, playlist from our day playing in the background, and reflect on our wedding day. Everyone always said, “You blink and the day is over.” I never really thought that was entirely true until I myself blinked and our wedding day had came and went. All the moments, every loving and encouraging word that was said, each hug that was given, are held as dear memories now and forever. Landry and I are immensely grateful for how graciously the people in our lives love us. We hope to never take it for granted how blessed we have been and continue to be.


It was important to us that our wedding day was simple and a true reflection of the two of us and the love we share. No fuss, no frills, just a couple kids ready to commit their lives to one another. We each awoke that morning in the company of our loved ones; Landry with his family and myself with mine. We opted not to have a wedding party, but instead have our closest friends simply be guests. Because of that we were able to separately get ready with our families, which was incredibly special because a year prior we had moved from our hometowns in Florida to Tennessee. The morning was slow and that quality time was treasured.

Once we were both ready, Landry hopped in the car with our photographer, Cody, and I got in the car with my mom. We all made our way to the state park where we were to be wed in a short couple of hours. Upon arrival, Cody brought Landry to a secluded nook in the park where Landry would see me as his bride for the very first time. I’ll never forget the look in his eyes or the warmth of the tears that welled up in mine when he turned around and saw me.

At half past two o’clock in the afternoon, our ceremony began. Landry’s brother, Ben, strummed an acoustic guitar, birds chirped, and wind rustled leaves in the trees above us. We asked that each of our family members walk down the aisle in lieu of a wedding party. When my youngest brother (age seven at the time) reached the beginning of the aisle, he stopped, giggled, and bypassed it all together - he went around the chairs to the front row to find his seat. I wish I could have seen that! Then, after what felt like forever, it was my turn. My dad had my arm and asked me something along the lines of, “Are you ready?” but with a warm smile spread across his face. In the steps that followed, I swear all sound ceased. I could hear nothing and I could feel only joy and love. I remember just smiles and then Landry. Only Landry.

Our ceremony was simple, just as we wanted it to be. We were fortunate enough to have our pastor, mentor, and friend, Jerimy, officiate the wedding. He shared a few words, we read our handwritten vows, took communion together, and then kissed to make it the real deal.

The reception - pretty much a glorified picnic and I mean that to be endearing - followed the ceremony. Family friends of ours’ pulled off all the decor and food beautifully!

Landry and I shared our first dance (which by the way, he was so nervous during that moment that he could barely move and we laughed through the whole song) to Ben acoustically covering “You Are My Sunshine”, which we had first swayed to at Preservation Hall in New Orleans. Later, Landry surprised me and sang John Denver’s, “My Sweet Lady”. Instead of a big cake, we decided to have donuts from our favorite local bakery that we had regularly frequented when we were dating. It all felt like us from top to bottom. Family members from across the country were there to celebrate with us and that was especially touching.

A really special piece of our day was my Great Grandmother being able to be in attendance. We had four generations of women in my family line present!


I remember getting in the car with Landry to leave and smiling so big at each other. “Well, we did it!" We’re MARRIED!” I still feel that excitement today. And I hope that I feel that excitement for years to come because I struck gold. Landry is and will always be the best gift I have ever been given and the greatest decision I have ever made.

I love you, Landry. Happy One Year to us. xoxo

Photographer: Cody Harris of Cody and Allison Photography
Venue: Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Dress: Rue de Seine purchased at LVD Bridal in Nashville, TN