A Hot Summer Day and A Greenhouse


Abbi is one of those people I don’t see often, but when I do we talk for hours - about a new piece we found for our home, about a restaurant we recently tried, about the hard parts of life, about our faith, about our big dreams, about ice cream. She’s one of those friends that’s just good to have.

On a Tennessee-summer-kind-of-hot August day, we got together and ventured over to our local greenhouse. I love this green haven for many reasons; one of those being it’s naturally dreamy diffused light. Abbi had never been in front of the camera solo before that day. It’s a really great thing to be able to be creative and try something new with a friend. We experimented, laughed, nearly sweat to death, and created some pretty work.

So here you go, folks. Meet my good friend, Abbi.