One Year Anniversary in Nashville


Dancie + Jonah

Like a modern day, millennial love story, Dancie found me on Instagram, DM'ed, and then we made some magic. I mean, not really, but kind of actually. {haha}

Dancie and her hubs, Jonah, decided to trek to Nashville, TN all the way from Oklahoma to celebrate their one year anniversary! Yay! She reached out months in advance and told me they hoped for a portrait session while in town and I was all about it. When they made it to Nashville, though, their vacation quickly took a turn for the worse. A day of kayaking on the river yielded two broken phones because of a faulty "water-safe" pouch! Unfamiliar city, no cell phones - definitely didn't ruin their trip, but it was a bummer nonetheless. Unfortunately, though, the bad luck didn't stop there. The next day - the day of our session - they found themselves stranded in a part of town nowhere near their AirBnb due to a broken down car. Are you serious?! No phones, no car, and still in an unfamiliar city. Dancie, by the kindess of a stranger, was able to get in touch with me to tell me of their troubles. She regretfully told me they would have to cancel. 

But I wouldn't have it. No way! Something good had to come from their time in wonderful Nash. Once they got everything sorted out with their car, safely made it back to their AirBnb, and freshened up, I picked them up and we went all over town. Stress quickly faded away. Smiles spread across faces. Laughs were shared. We had a blast exploring downtown and then heading over to one of my favorite parks just outside of the city. It was a joy getting to know these two. They each have such gentle and warm spirits. You would never know by their pictures that their celebratory trip had not gone as planned. Thanks for not giving up Dancie and Jonah! You were real troopers.