Adventure in Iceland


Madi + Jared

For our belated honeymoon, Landry {hubby} and I decided to travel to Iceland and spend eight days driving around the country to see and experience everything we could. Weeks before we left I connected with Madi in a Facebook group. Although we only live about 15 minutes apart in neighboring cities, we had never met previously. As it turned out, she and her husband, Jared, were going to Iceland around the same dates we were! Madi and I quickly compared maps with our travel dates and where we would be on what days. Fast forward and we're meeting each other for the first time at the beautiful Kirkjufellsfoss, thousands of miles from home. It's a bit humbling to think about the opportunities available to us in today's age. Humbling and pretty freaking cool!

I will always remember this session with Madi and Jared. We explored and laughed and really just got to know each other. We froze our absolute bums off and probably photobombed at least 50 tourists' pictures {oops}. But my eyes and heart were opened this day. Capturing the love and commitment between two people in a crazy beautiful piece of the earth we call home lit a fiery passion in my soul. I thought to myself, "THIS. This is what I want to do with my life." I hold deep gratitude for the moments we shared on that day in April.

Madi is also a fantastic photographer, so of course Landry and I have stunning photos from our adventurous honeymoon! I am more than thankful. See us in Iceland:

When he tries to throw you over the edge into the waterfalls...